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Continued Support and Follow-Up Consultations

These offerings are for clients who have completed either one of the above Personalised Nutrition & Lifestyle Programmes in the last two years and would like to continue working together through a number of sessions.

Please note: for clients returning after longer than two years, a full evaluation will be required as it is done for new clients, so they will need to sign up for one of the New Client programmes).

Consultations can be purchased individually or bundled up in more cost-effective packages:
nutrition follow-up


ONE 50-min session



nutrition follow-up


TWO 50-min sessions

(To be used within 4 months)



nutrition follow-up


THREE 50-min sessions

(To be used within 6 months)



" I feel positive, in charge and clear about my goals. Relieved that I finally took charge or my situation.

I feel a lot is changing for me and I just want to keep going!"

-Joanne M.

  • How do I start with a Programme?
    First, please contact Silvia by using the contact form below, so she can arrange a call with you to explore your needs. Silvia will then pencil in a date in which to start working with you. Once a date in agreed in principle, your appointment will be confirmed after payment is received. For this, please choose the programme you would like to purchase. If you are a new client, after the purchase you will receive a detailed online Health Questionnaire, with an invitation to submit it at your earliest convenience, or at least 24 hour before the initial consultation
  • Do programmes have to be used within a specific time frame?
    Generally yes. We find that what our clients receive from our sessions tends to be more effective if they make a commitment to work within the recommended time frame. However, we reserve the option to apply flexibility and adapt timelines based on each client's needs, depending on what's best to support them at any specific time. Ideally, each programme would be used within a certain period of time, after which any remaining sessions are lost (and we will not be able to offer you a refund), unless we agree on a different schedule: EMPOWERED Programme: 4 months FOCUSED Programme: 5 months THRIVING Programme: 6 months Existing Clients: Follow-Up Package A: 4 months Follow-up Package B: 6 months
  • What happens in between consultations?
    If you have questions or need further support, Silvia will be available to reply by email, depending on the length and complexity of the request. However, for particularly in-depth questions, she will consider how to best address them and provide with the appropriate support at your next session. Email support dealing specifically with the diet & lifestyle plans is offered for the duration of each programme. Outside of these, clients with specific questions that require in depth review of their history are encouraged to book a follow-up consultation. Silvia is always available for any general questions and to discuss next steps.
  • What happens if I am not able to attend a planned session?
    We ask that you let us know that you are not able to attend with a minimum of 24 hours' notice. Any cancellation with less notice will incur an administration fee of £40.
  • What happens when I have used up all my sessions?
    You are welcome to discuss further steps with Silvia, so that she can support you in deciding what suits you best moving forward.
  • Can I ask for a refund if I am not able to continue with the sessions I have left in my programme?
    As long as you send a refund request within the time frame that your sessions are meant to take place, we can offer you a refund (minus an administration fee of £45) if you are unable to continue or are not satisfied with the service we provided. To request a refund, please contact Silvia at
  • I can't find the answer to a question I have
    Please feel free to get in touch with Silvia by using the contact form below.


Get in touch to book an appointment, ask a question, or to arrange a FREE 20-min call to explore how we can work together.

Thank you, your message has been sent.


Please note that as holistic therapist and non-medic I do not claim to treat any disease. 

Instead I focus on creating optimal conditions for the body’s own powerful healing abilities to function. 

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