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Seven Elements of Healing

Online Programme

Why this online programme?

When facing a cancer diagnosis, one of the most empowering things you can do is to take charge of your healing journey.

Understanding how you can maximise your healing potential by supporting Body, Mind and Spirit can completely change an experience of illness by giving you a ‘plan’ for health, increasing your well-being, strengthening your physical and mental resources, growing your resilience and creating a mind-set of hope and possibility.

With so much information available out there, it can be difficult to make choices and understand priorities. That is why, along with individual support,

I also offer this learning experience for those living with cancer, which my colleague Liz Butler and I developed under the banner of our cancer education company, Cancer Clarity.

Seven Essential Areas of Health

The Seven Elements of Healing online programme has been designed to help you re-discover your connection with a natural way of living in a convenient, easy-to-access way. It introduces you to the seven areas of health that make up a truly holistic approach to healing, and by engaging with all seven, you will harness their synergistic power, allowing you to maximise your healing potential.

How the Programme works

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The programme contains 9 modules, one for each of the 7 elements, and two introductory modules - more details can be found below. Although they are part of a coherent learning experience, the modules can be equally effective when experienced individually. Each module consists of an average of 10 pre-recorded teaching videos presented by Liz Butler (lasting 2.5 hours on average in total), a guided meditation, and a Support Materials e-book that we designed to be provide further practical guidance and inspiration alongside the videos. After purchasing any module(s) you'll be emailed the details to access all of the above materials for that module(s).

For those with cancer who are not sure if they want to commit to one-to-one support at this time, this online programme is a fantastic way to begin the process of learning how you can support your Body, Mind and Spirit in order to encourage physical healing.

Overview of the programme modules

Seven areas of health
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with the purchase of any other module(s)

Module 1 - The Nature of Healing

In this module we discuss exactly what healing is, and how we can shift into a state where healing is possible. We explore the very nature of cancer, and look at how it affects us on many levels, energetically as well as physically. By having a deeper understanding of cancer, we take the first step towards healing.

Video content (2 hours 7 mins):

1 - Introduction

2 - Guided meditation

3 - The power of relaxation

4 - The nature of healing

5 - A new view of cancer

6 - Our energetic selves

7 - Energetic & physical disturbances in cancer

8 - The role our genes play

9 - The intelligence of life

10- Time to reconnect

11- Home practice

Module 2.JPG


Module 2 - Planning to Thrive

Research shows that people with cancer who play a more active role in decisions regarding their treatment and other aspects of care often have a better disease outcome. This module explores why taking charge of your own health really matters, and why planning is an essential part of this process. You will learn how to create a ‘Thrive Plan’ that will help you incorporate into your recovery journey the healing elements you will discover to be the most important for you during the programme.

Video content (1 hour 32 mins):

1 - Introduction

2 - Guided meditation

3 - The Seven Healing Elements

4 - The power of synergy

5 - Taking charge

6 - Creating a Thrive Plan - Part 1

7 - Creating a Thrive Plan - Part 2

8 - Time for stillness 

9 - Home practice

Module 3.png


Module 3 - Nutrition

There are lots of different opinions out there when it comes to the ultimate anti-cancer diet, so choosing which approach to follow can be difficult and stressful.

In this module, we will illustrate the ways in which food can promote healing, and provide the key things you need to know to help you find the healthy eating approach perfectly suited to your unique needs.  Lots of practical tips will be offered to allow you to quickly and easily  implement powerful healing dietary changes.

Video content (4 hours 10 mins):

1 - Introduction

2 - Guided meditation

3 - How food heals

4 - Does the perfect diet exist?

5 - The anti-cancer power of nutrition

6 - Key Principles of a Nourishing Diet - Part 1

7 - Key Principles of a Nourishing Diet - Part 2

8 - Key Principles of a Nourishing Diet - Part 3 

9 - Nutrition as a targeted therapy

10- Deep nourishment

11- Action Steps & Home practice

Module 4.jpg


Module 4 - Detoxification

Increasing evidence suggests that toxic chemicals may have a role to play in the development of cancer, and it seems likely that they will also inhibit healing in those who’ve already received a diagnosis, especially as certain cancer treatments undermine the function of the main detoxification organ, the liver.

This module will explore the ways in which you can minimise your exposure to toxic chemicals, and enhance the function of the body's elimination systems, thereby reducing your chemical load.

Video content (3 hours 45 mins):

1 - Introduction

2 - Guided meditation

3 - How detoxification heals

4 - Our toxic world

5 - Why we need to detox

6 - How to reduce toxin exposure

7 - Supporting the detoxification systems

8 - Key components of a detox

9 - How and when to detox

10- Action Steps & Home Practice

Module 5.jpg


Module 5 - Activity & Movement

The evidence is clear: physical activity has a positive impact on the health of those with a cancer diagnosis. But did you realise that the way you move in everyday situations is just as important as your activities, and that the wrong type of exercise can actually weaken your body? In this module you will learn why physical activity and movement is so important after cancer, and we will provide plenty of practical tips on exercising safely. Most importantly, we’ll help you find ways to love getting active!

Video content (2 hours 35 mins):

1 - Introduction

2 - Guided meditation

3 - How physical activity and movement heal

4 - The importance of natural movement

5 - Cellular biomechanics & microenvironment

6 - Reducing fatigue with activity & movement

7 - How to get and stay active

8 - Finding the right activity for you

9 - Action Steps & Home Practice

Module 6.jpg


Module 6 - Rest & Relaxation

Insufficient rest and chronic stress are two of the most damaging factors for the immune system, and it is therefore really important to address any imbalances in these areas if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer. 

In this module you will learn how to enhance the quality of your sleep, and shift to a state where deep, rejuvenating sleep is something that comes naturally to you. We will also discuss how you can incorporate deeply relaxing techniques into your daily schedule that will boost the regenerative and healing capabilities of your body.

Video content (3 hours):

1 - Introduction

2 - Guided meditation

3 - How rest and relaxation heal

4 - The physiology of sleep and its benefits

5 - Top tips for good sleep

6 - The effects of stress

7 - Handling stress

8 - Simplifying life and slowing down

9 - The role of the heart in modulating stress

10- Action Steps & Home Practice

Module 7.jpg


Module 7 - Bio-energetic Balance

Our bodies are made of energy at the most basic level, and our energetic biofields are strongly influenced by energies from outside sources, such as geomagnetic forces, electromagnetic radiation and daylight.

In this module, we explore how various energies have a positive or negative impact on health, and how we can maximise positive energies to re-balance our bodies and support healing. We will include practical ideas, so that you can easily incorporate energy re-balancing techniques into your everyday life.

Video content (2 hours 32 mins):

1 - Introduction

2 - Guided meditation

3 - How bio-energy heals

4 - Discovering our quantum world

5 - Biological frequency

6 - Energetics of the body

7 - Energetic coherence

8 - How bio-energy is disrupted

9 - Reducing toxic energy exposure

10- Energetic nourishment

11- Action Steps & Home Practice

Module 8_edited.jpg


Module 8 - Emotional Wellbeing

Unresolved emotional pain places a huge burden on our body, and is one of the most important factors contributing to disease. Many people have a sense that challenging emotions can be stressful for the body, but the area of emotional wellbeing and the links to physical health are not well understood, with many believing you have to stay positive in order to heal the body.

This module will explore the power of our emotions, and will give guidance on how to handle challenging emotional states so that they may serve to expand awareness and support healing, rather than undermine recovery.

Video content (2 hours):

1 - Introduction

2 - Guided meditation

3 - How our emotions heal

4 - What are emotions?

5 - Positive and negative emotions

6 - Emotional trauma

7 - Emotional processing

8 - Forgiveness, compassion & love

9 - Self-help

10- Action Steps & Home Practice

Module 9.jpg


Module 9 - Deep Connection

Loss of spiritual connection seems to play an important role in the deeper story of why cancer shows up in our lives.

In this module we will discuss the importance of spiritual connection and show how you can re-discover this connection through your relationship with loved ones, time spent in nature, and through getting in touch with your inner wisdom.

Video content (1 hour 50 mins):

1 - Introduction

2 - Guided meditation

3 - How deep connection heals

4 - Connecting with our physical self

5 - Connecting with others

6 - Connecting with nature

7 - Connecting directly with spirit

8 - Meaning and purpose

9 - A healing mind-set

10- Action Steps & Home Practice

"Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease"

-  Hippocrates

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