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The Magic of Theanine

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

For anyone dealing with poor sleep and/or poor mental alertness during the day, perhaps this little tip can help… it involves a wonderful natural compound, called THEANINE, which is primarily found in green tea.. did you already know that green tea can help you with relaxation, sleep, and mental clarity?

Theanine is found in green tea.

Theanine has proven anti-stress and relaxation-promoting effects. That’s because it is actually able to reach the brain (by crossing the blood-brain barrier) and there it contributes to increasing the called ‘alpha waves’ that are associated with a state of ‘wakeful relaxation’.

The evidence so far shows that theanine helps with falling asleep faster and reduces the frequency of nighttime awakenings, while at the same time improving mood, focus, concentration, and memory during the day.

What makes theanine a very interesting compound is this almost dual action, on the one hand supporting #calm and #relaxation, and on the other increasing mental #alertness and #concentration - for more research details see here

Theanine can be obtained by drinking green on a regular basis. Green tea has many wonderful health-promoting properties, but if for any reason drinking it regularly is not ideal for you (for example you need to avoid caffeine), you may consider caffeine-free green tea (makes sure it’s organic), or theanine as a nutritional supplement, as long as it does not interfere with anything else you are taking (in particular any hypertension medications). If in doubt, get in touch with me or another qualified professional.

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