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Can Vitamin D3 supplementation influence cancer mortality rates?

One of the most researched and talked about nutrients, vitamin D3 keeps showing up as very important for disease prevention.

For example, a recent study from Germany concluded that regular daily intake of Vitamin D could reduce cancer mortality by 12%.

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The study was a systematic analysis of 14 high-quality studies involving almost 105,000 participants, and it was conducted at the German Cancer Research Center.

The beneficial effects of vitamin D3 supplementation was most prominent in the following study groups:

  • individuals over 70 years of age

  • those with a vitamin D deficiency

  • when supplementation commenced prior to a cancer diagnosis

Should we supplement with vitamin D3, and if yes what dose?

Not so fast. My advice is to always investigate your baseline vitamin D3 plasma levels, before thinking about supplementation. Chances are your levels may need a top up (I find this to be the case for the majority of my clients). Nevertheless testing is recommended to prevent unnecessary supplementation or even overdosing.

Once you know your levels, if in doubt about what dose would be appropriate for optimisation, ask a nutritional therapist to help.

An affordable and reliable NHS testing service:

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